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A team of visionaries to design spaces that stand the test of time.

 As designs speak for themselves, we plan and engineer vistas and skylines that go beyond beauty and elegance. Hence, our team is committed to delivering designs that echo functionality and sustainability. So, we work closely with our clients to fathom their unique needs and preferences and incorporate them into our experience-driven architectural designs to hand over spaces that meet their needs. 

Our contextual designs also take into consideration various facets of climate change and integrate smart building technologies to create innovative and eco-friendly designs that not only satisfy today’s occupants but also stand the test of time to welcome future generations. As such, we proudly proclaim that our technical marvels in bricks and wood shape elegant, efficient, and climate-responsive spaces.

Interior Designing

Whether it’s vintage or modern, our designs compose symphonies.

We believe that designing an interior is no less than orchestrating a symphony. Thus, our designers create a perfect medley of creativity and imagination to turn your idle houses into welcoming homes. With our unique fusion of styles that spans from timeless classics to innovative modernism, we strike the perfect balance between form and function. Be it neutral beige or pastel pink, whether you prefer minimalism or maximalism, we deliver designs that reflect elegance and sophistication. Our team weaves thoughtful layouts after deliberating on myriad facets like space planning, color and lighting, and sustainable and safe materials to name a few. As a result, we craft interiors that are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing. When our artistic flair meets technical precision, your spaces begin to tell stories of colors and lights.

Interior Styling

Breathing life into spaces.

We are passionate about transforming lackluster spaces into aesthetically appealing sanctuaries that reflect the personality and elevate the mood of the occupants. A simple change in the position of your reclining chair can rejuvenate your spirit, and we know exactly where to put that recliner. While drawing inspiration from timeless designs, we bring the latest technologies to the table to turn your dull spaces into a new lease of life.


Our stylists capture the interest and tastes of the client and embellish the interiors with colors, décor, and textures that speak the unique taste and personality of the occupant. With a  keen eye for detail, we pick the perfect piece of furniture and its abode to enhance the aesthetics of the room. We capture the natural light and instill a warm color palette to transform your space into a beautiful haven that you want to run back to. With the harmonious blend of proportion and design, we redefine spaces with functionality and elegance. We know that every space is unique and so we employ a  tailored approach to give that personalized touch. 

Landscape Designing

From a picturesque frontyard to a tranquil backyard.

At Akom, we believe in the harmonious existence of man and nature. Hence, we landscape the space without causing any harm to Mother Nature and thereby helping man to reconnect with nature. Our unique method takes into account the unique topography including the soil and climate and creates a perfect blend of hardscape and softscape elements to turn your outdoor spaces into dreamy landscapes that soothe your eyes and rejuvenate your soul.

From the plants we plant to the patios we build, we strive to preserve the natural features so that we can assure that you are living in the lap of nature. Thus, we integrate the minor and major elements to create landscapes that are beautiful and sustainable. Our team of in-house designers, gardeners, and landscape architects works in tandem to design and revamp landscapes from conception to execution. We walk with our clients and crop the plants and polish the stones at regular intervals.

Furniture Designing

From sketches to sleek furniture.

At Akom, we believe that while bricks build forms, furniture gives function to the form. Drawing inspiration from modernist to eclectic styles, we design furniture that is not only structurally sound and functionally adequate but also aesthetically appealing. Whether it’s for the sleek chair or the functional storage cabinet, we select eco-friendly and durable materials to fulfill our commitment to sustainability. Our masons and designers strive to ensure durability and sustainability to every piece of furniture they design.

Their artful craftsmanship turns ideas into functional and majestic furniture designs that fit the spaces of your home or office. Be it the Rococo style that focuses on ornamentation or the Contemporary style that prioritizes function over embellishments, our experts are well-versed in the evolving trends in the furniture industry to create functional and innovative pieces of furniture.

Product Designing

One size never fits all.

As an architectural firm, we understand the need for custom-designed products that are tailored to the specific use and ambiance of a space. So we design products that are attuned to the specific needs of our clients. Whether, it’s for a tiny fixture, or a cozy sofa, from conception to creation, our team of designers, masons, and engineers works closely with clients to ensure that the end product is perfectly suited for their use.

As we embrace sustainability and durability tightly, we pick eco-friendly and lasting materials to make products that last ages. However, we take pride in designing aesthetically appealing products. In pursuit of this, we follow a holistic approach to make sure that our products not only attain their intended function but also add an air of elegance to the space it belongs. Thus our expertise in the industry helps us to deliver tailor-made products that exceed expectations.

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