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In modest size apartments which don’t have enough room for an independent dining room. For those of you looking to accommodate these two rooms in a constrained space, this post should serve some inspiration.

These visuals show our excellent examples of spaces that integrate living with dining. Bright splashes of color and dark furniture dominate most these spaces and they portray a less serious side of modern design with focal points that set a rich whimsical tone. Scroll to take a playful ride through some funky free-spirited living spaces…

Adding color with paint is a quick and easy way to add style and personality to a living room. Whether your living room is an oasis of calm or home to a house full of children, nothing can transform a space like paint. Take a look at these brilliant living room paint ideas to inspire your own decorating scheme.

One of the main entertaining spaces in the home, the living room is the perfect place to create a stunning feature paint effect to capture attention.

Both modern and provincial kitchens integrate contemporary kitchen design and functionality, but their styling is particular. A modern kitchen offers streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines, open spaces and highly-functional post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone. Provincial kitchens exude an opulence and sophistication, featuring carved wooden cabinetry, elegant tapware and glass-fronted display cabinets.

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“I love everything about this theme! Easy to use, really nice and minimalist design! The customer support is 5/5! Thank you!”
Darrell Steward • CEO, Heavy Industries

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