Opulence at its peak for Hotel Time Square

Time Square
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Alleppey, Kerala
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Our team’s goal was to deliver a space in an authentic quality from the inside out. We here at Akom strongly believe that an architecture is defined not only by its form, proportion and scale but also by its ability to promote the intangible qualities of comfort, creating a sense of belonging.

Time Square is a premium boutique hotel perfect for both leisure and business. This hotel is a quintessential destination for travelers visiting the revered city in and around Alleppey. In every room the shades of green and blue are creating a visual and physical relaxation for everyone. The interior is in the combination of classic and modern styles so it creates an amazing balance.

Enhanced the overall look and the blue-green theme with some charming decor pieces and photo frames. The colour blue and green was purposefully chosen to give a serene and calm look as both the colours compliment each other very well. The restaurant space was designed to make each customer feel delighted at the very sight of the interior and ambience, where they could peacefully enjoy their favorite’s meals. To give the space a classic touch that it deserves, we decided to use the charm of a chandelier and a subtle wallpaper. The dark grey ceiling gives a lofty impression and also the colour of the ceiling matches the cloudy wallpaper…….!

Akom Architects are design -led and we bring innovative, and experiential approach to every project we are given. We bring solutions that are always specific to our client, the brief and the site. Each and every project we create is a unique way through which we communicate with the community and environment in which it is set.

Indians never run out of occasions worth celebrating. Wedding receptions, Official dinners, award functions, birthday parties and the list goes on. With ever widening friends circle and social reach, people would like to make these moments a special affair not just for them but for their guests too. Banquets halls have therefore become a common place in our society. Hall according to client needs and desires and transforms the space design into reality. We also know how to increase the excellency of the environment by using definite style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort, convenience & characteristics of furnishings, furniture, lighting, carpeting & floor covering, paint & wall covering, glass, wrought metal, fixtures, art & artifacts, furnishings, fixtures, lighting, curtains of different textile materials since numerous elements play in planning the interior design of Banquet Hall.

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We cannot thank enough Heena and her team for giving vibrant hues to our dream of gifting Alleppy its first premium fine dining experience. Even today, a day would not pass without a customer complimenting the warm and aesthetically appealing ambiance. I have to emphasize the unique color theme that gifts customers a fine dining experience. We are satisfied with Akom and looking forward to working as a team again.
MRS. AFRA BASHEER, BayRoute Bistro

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