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Balaprasad residence mix
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Akom Architects
Kerala, India
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This beautiful abode is one of our projects that stretched our architectural expression to its zenith.  The master bedroom of the house reflects the fusion of sophistication and elegance. The main challenge in front of us was to make the room look more spacious. To meet the need, we went for white flooring. White tiles will reflect the natural light and thus the room will look more spacious than the original measurements. Besides, white makes the room light and airy and makes the bedroom a perfect haven to unwind.

Color is one of the significant aspects of an inviting bedroom that complements other aspects like design, pattern, and flooring. Hence, painted the bedroom with a neural grey that can adapt to a multitude of designs and styles. It also blends beautifully with the white flooring to cater to create an illusion of spaciousness. To enhance the overall aesthetics, we adorned the windows with white sheer curtains. For convenience and functionality, we did not forget to position a bedside table.

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“I love everything about this theme! Easy to use, really nice and minimalist design! The customer support is 5/5! Thank you!”
Darrell Steward • CEO, Heavy Industries

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