Luxurious lobby designed for DLF

DLF P Block Lobby
Project year
October 25, 2021
Akom Architects
Kerala, India
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During each stage of this lobby renovation, we focused on fusing luxury with functionality. As a public space, we wanted to infuse grandiosity into every aspect of the design. Be it the flooring, furniture, or color palette, we went beyond the board to renovate the lobby to give it the life our client wanted. While carefully selecting the furniture, we finally decided to place tall furniture so that it can serve as a statement piece.

The ivory walls and the grey flooring created an aura of luxury and elegance. To invite the public with a positive vibe, we resorted to placing lights at the focal points of the lobby. Prioritizing the accessibility of the public, we thoughtfully chose low chairs and sofas. It also gave a touch of comfort to the public. A relaxing space is always accessible. Right? Further, to enhance the aesthetic appeal, we added wooden beading to the lobby wall that was imposed with glossy tiles.

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“I love everything about this theme! Easy to use, really nice and minimalist design! The customer support is 5/5! Thank you!”
Darrell Steward • CEO, Heavy Industries

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