Majestic lobby designed for DLF

DLF F Block Lobby
Project year
October 25, 2021
Akom Architects
Kerala, India
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When brainstorming for the lobby renovation, luxury, comfort, and functionality were our major focal points. Hence, we unleashed our architectural creativity to fill the space with a majestic vibe. And, the result was a   grand lobby that epitomized the magical fusion of elegance and luxury.     

To create that welcoming aura, we placed tall furniture in the lobby. Moreover, a public place like a lobby demands a structured and organized atmosphere, and furniture selection plays a crucial role. Tall furniture serves this purpose.

Light color shade has the captivating power to catch the public eye. Hence we selected serene light colors. The sleek design is accentuated by the light color palette.

While thinking of brightening up the lobby, we came up with a mirror-imposed wall to enhance the lighting. Besides, mirrors add that enchanting charm to the place they occupy. As we wanted to explore the versatility of designs and patterns, we opted for glossy tiles to give the lobby walls the aesthetic finishing touch with reflectivity.

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“I love everything about this theme! Easy to use, really nice and minimalist design! The customer support is 5/5! Thank you!”
Darrell Steward • CEO, Heavy Industries

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